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Federal & State Government Affairs

Policy Development

  • Create a set of objectives for a group, coalition, industry or business through a deliberative process, utilizing political, factual and other data as needed.

Issue & Political Tactics

  • Utilize multi-faceted strategies to obtain policy and political objectives.


  • Represent client and policy positions before Congress, state legislatures, federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • Develop written comments, position statements and verbal testimony on issues.

Strong Grassroots

  • Develop an effective network of stakeholders who support and will mobilize to influence policy, fundraising, issues, etc.
  • Organize fly-ins or other events to increase involvement and influence.

Influential Messaging

  • Effective message and media campaigns for national and state issues.

Improve Messaging

  • Develop effective strategies and materials to present the "right" image and information.

Social Media

  • Leverage Twitter, Facebook, websites and other forms of social media to increase exposure and promote your message, issues, campaigns, organizations, etc.

Media Relations

  • Work effectively with the media to garner positive coverage of you or your organization.

Effective Presentations

  • Identify the best way(s) to present yourself, your business and your ideas.
Event Planning & Management

Conferences & Seminars

  • Fifteen years of experience in managing policy conferences, fly-ins, continuinge education and technical seminars.
  • Proven success in programming, materials, presentations and entertainment.
  • All the details are handled by us, so you can focus on hosting the event.

Political Fundraisers

  • Identify target supporters and secure participation.
  • Meet or exceed all goals with the right event.

Other Events

  • Incorporate unique events, such as listening tours, business dinner or rallies, to move your organization to the next level.

Special Occasions

  • We team with a gourmet chef to ensure all of your events are special.
Business Development

Increase Revenue

  • Develop innovative strategies to increase participation and support.

Secure Investors

  • Utilize a keen business sense to identify and recruit potential business partners, investors, or organization members.

Build Lasting Relationships

  • Integrity and genuineness has built a network of contacts across the nation.

Effective Presentations

  • Strong skills in written and verbal communication, formal presentations and PowerPoint are critical to moving your goals forward.
Strategic Planning

Systematic Approach

  • Walk through specific steps to develop your mission, goals and overall plan.

Comprehensive Assessment

  • Thoughtful and thorough review of current situation compared to desired objectives.

Measurable Goal-Setting

  • Develop organizational and personal goals that are appropriate, timely and quantifiable.

Increase Efficiencies

  • Identify areas for improvements within organization, departments, projects and staff.
Association & Project Management

Improve Performance

  • Create a strong sense of team, boost morale and get more out of your organization.
  • Cross-training and integration between departments can reduce waste and minimize expenses.
  • Identify individual drivers to maximize performance from your staff and departments.

Successful Projects

  • Comprehensive planning and capable execution deliver results.
  • Meet or exceed all goals when you have the right team.

Membership Development

  • Innovative approaches to recruitment and retention with proven success.
  • Clearly define value.

Know Your Customer

  • Develop approaches, messages and products appropriate for each audience



Environment, Energy and Business Policy Expertise

Extensive Experience
~Worked in all aspects of political arena - Capitol Hill, federal agency, national trade association, consulting and statewide organization.

~Practical experience on air, waste, water and energy issues. Small business policy background. General business issue knowledge and experience.

Mitigate Federal Policy
~Navigate the federal legislative and regulatory processes to ensure your issues are heard.

~Be aware of issues and understand how proposals may impact you or your organization.

Technical Support
~Extensive network of colleagues across the nation.

~Build coalitions to forward your objectives and influence outcomes.




Federal & State
Government Affairs



Event Planning &

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Association & Project

Environment, Energy
& Business Policy

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