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How We Work

AjB Strategies, LLC will not sell you a process or methodology. Being analytical and disciplined is a basic requirement in the management and consulting business. Getting things done well, on time and within budget requires a measured and systematic approach. But this does not mean that you have to forego innovation. The most successful leaders often choose a new or different path in order to move beyond the competition and reach great heights.

The AjB Strategies,LLC style is strictly personal and does not reflect a “cookie-cutter” or "one size fits all" approach. We focus on each and every client, working to develop strategies and solutions that are unique and reflect the personality, goals and needs of each person, project or organization.

Our consulting arrangements are based on a written agreement of confidentially, non-disclosure and non-compete. This approach establishes the foundation of trust, openness, professionalism and commitment that is necessary for our relationship to be most successful.

AjB Strategies, LLC utilizes the following steps to help us develop the distinct service package that will work for you.

Our relationship begins with an assessment. Often organizations have identified their general needs, but working together we can further review the current situation, define objectives and discuss how AjB Strategies, LLC help reach these goals. Partnering with AjB Strategies, LLC can help you establish a clear sense of direction.

AjB Strategies, LLC will provide recommendations on one or more strategies for reaching your goals. Our proposal may be quite simple or multi-faceted, depending on your needs and the challenges to success. We will work with the parameters establish during the assessment phase, but may also throw in some innovative, outside-the-box, approaches that may not have been considered. AjB Strategies, LLC will offer you impartial, practical advice that will provide measurable results.

It is now time to move into implementation. We will either give you the tools and instruction you need to move your plan into action, or AjB Strategies, LLC can serve as a member or your team and trusted representative. With our knowledge, skills and abilities, we can make it happen for you.

Call us today at 785-286-7599 or e-mail amy@ajbstrategies.com to discuss how AjB Strategies, LLC can help you.




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