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About Us

AjB Strategies, LLC was founded in January 2010 on the principle that hard work, dedication and a positive attitude are the best ways to run a business. I started my career at the most entry level and have worked my way through a variety of positions that provided me with the knowledge, skills and abilities to run a successful company. I operate as a sole proprietor in order to keep costs low, partnering with other professionals when appropriate to meet the needs of my clients. I have an extensive network of professional relationships across the country and in many foreign countries that serve as resources and partners as needed. And, I am committed to being the principle for each and every project, rather than passing the work to less seasoned professionals, so I limit the number and complexity of contracts so that I am able to work effectively for my clients.

AjB Strategies, LLC wants to help take your organization, business or project to the next level. And by working in partnership, we can help you realize full potential. The heart of our mission is to listen, facilitate the identification of needs and develop internal and external strategies that provide the greatest potential for success. AjB Strategies, LLC can also help you reach your goals and implement your strategies as a trusted representative of your interests.

If you are unsure of how to proceed or need help defining your needs, AjB Strategies, LLC will facilitate the development of a comprehensive strategic plan - a process that includes assessment, reflection, analysis and goal setting. Or, we are available to come meet on a more informal basis to help you identify how best to move forward.

Call 785-286-7599 or e-mail amy@ajbstrategies.com to discuss how AjB Strategies, LLC can help you.


Amy J. Blankenbiller
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